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‘Minecraft: Xbox One Edition’ hopes to offer cloud-based server options

Minecraft's Cartoon Texture Pack
Minecraft's Cartoon Texture Pack
Photo courtesy of 4J Studios, used with permission

With the increased world size heading the upcoming Xbox One and Playstation 4 editions of Minecraft, fans of 4J Studio’s console ports of the game should expect to see the size of save files to increase as well. However, according to a report by XBLA Fans on Aug 5, Xbox One owners might not have to worry about their Minecraft saves becoming too large as there are plans to possibly allow gamers to hose their servers from the Xbox Live cloud.

Further compounding the expected file inflation, the data size of each seed will balloon for those who expect to host their world seed as a server in order to play with friends. So each additional player added to the game could interfere with file size and the server’s ability to send data between the host and all other players. The option to host both servers and save files on a cloud server would create smoother online experiences.

Looking into the possibility of cloud computing options, Mojang’s Daniel Kaplan recently told OXM that they are currently investigating bringing additional server options to the upcoming Xbox One edition of Minecraft. Kaplan specifically mentioned their desire to allow players to be able to access the Xbox Live cloud through Microsoft’s Azure servers so that fans can run servers and host save files online rather than locally.

However, Kaplan didn’t confirm whether or not this feature would make this month’s Xbox One launch of Minecraft. It is also unknown what would happen to cloud-hosted games when servers go down or if players would still be able to access their Minecraft worlds offline.

Minecraft was first introduced to console players with the launch of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition in 2012. In December of last year, the game was also finally released on the Playstation 3. Later this month, new-gen ports of the tile will become available on both the Xbox One and PS4.