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‘Minecraft’ Xbox One and Xbox 360 producer talks Marvel DLC and hints at updates

‘Minecraft’ Xbox 360 Marvel DLC
‘Minecraft’ Xbox 360 Marvel DLC

The producer of “Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition” and “Minecraft Xbox One Edition” has provided a new development update. According to a message from his personal Twitter page on Feb. 28, Roger Carpenter confirmed that he had a meeting with Marvel.

“Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition” recently received the Marvel Avengers Skin Pack, which contains some of the more popular characters from the comic book universe. Roger Carpenter revealed that Marvel “liked” the DLC, hinting at more updates in regards to the collaboration in the future. You can find some screens from the aforesaid pack, along with other shots from the Xbox 360 version of “Minecraft,” in the slideshow to the left of this article and the comments from Roger Carpenter below:

Todays meetings? yep...meeting with those awesome @Marvel people. They liked our Marvel Avengers Skin Pack ;) #MinecraftXBLA

The Marvel Avengers Skin Pack and other future Marvel updates should most likely come out for “Minecraft Xbox One Edition” as well as “Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition” since Roger Carpenter is the producer behind both of the ports.

The development team at 4J Studios is in charge of creating new DLC for the console iterations of “Minecraft.” The studio has also been tasked to work on the upcoming “Minecraft PS4 Edition,” Minecraft Vita Edition” and the aforesaid “Minecraft Xbox One Edition.” The three ports currently do not have official release dates as the developer is currently focusing on getting the TU14 patch ready for “Minecraft PS3 Edition” and “Minecraft Xbox One Edition.”