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Minecraft: Xbox 360 will not get The End in next update, will get other features

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4J Studios provided an update Thursday on what it is working on for the next Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition title update. Unfortunately, The End is not included.

The Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition developer is working late hours on the next title update which it describes as, "kind of 1.0.1 without The End, but with a few tings from later Java versions."

"We have a good bit more work to do on The End, and don't want that to hold up TU7," the developer continued to explain on Twitter. "The End will be in TU8."

The End is an empty plane made of End Stone and dotted with Obsidian pillars that contain Ender Crystals. It is also the home of the Endermen and also where you'll find the Ender Dragon.

Version 1.01 of the PC version of Minecraft was the "official" release of the game. Aside from The End and the Enderdragon, it also added a new snow bioome, mushroom biomes, NPCs for villages, the Snow Golem, enchanting, potions, item repair and animal breeding.

No estimate was given on when the next title update for the Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition will be released.

Update: 4J Studios listed the key additions coming with title update 7.

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Via: @4JStudios



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