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‘Minecraft’ Xbox 360 TU16 patch and ‘Minecraft’ PS3 1.06 title update hinted

‘Minecraft’ Xbox 360 DLC
‘Minecraft’ Xbox 360 DLC
Photo courtesy of 4J Studios, used with permission

4J Studios may have revealed some of the plans for the “Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition” TU16 patch and “Minecraft PS3 Edition” 1.06 title update. According to a message from Twitter on April 25, a representative from the company confirmed that the noise created by the note blocks has sounded odd ever since the TU14 and 1.04 updates. As a result, they plan to address the issue.

A fan also wondered in if the invisibility glitch that occurred while using portals will be fixed. The spokesperson replied by saying that the development team is currently fixing the bug along with two other glitches that caused players to appear invisible. 4J Studios previously confirmed that 1.06 title update would add support for more DLC packs in “Minecraft PS3 Edition.” However, the company has not yet acknowledged the existence of a TU16 patch for “Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition.”

The development team usually updates the PS3 and Xbox 360 ports of the open-world sandbox video game at approximately the same time. It appears that this won’t be the case this time around. Along with the 1.06 patch, 4J Studios also confirmed that they are also focusing on the upcoming “Minecraft PS4 Edition,” “Minecraft Vita Edition” and “Minecraft Xbox One Edition” releases.

“Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition” is the first console port of the open-world sandbox title as it came out in 2012. You can find a screen featuring the latest DLC expansion, the Candy Texture Pack, from same aforesaid official 4J Studios Twitter page with the photo attached to the top of this article. “Minecraft PS3 Edition” was launched in late 2013. Both versions have combined to sell more than 13.5 million units so far.

The aforementioned “Minecraft PS4 Edition” and “Minecraft Vita Edition” are due to come out within the launch window between the second and third quarter of 2014. Although the release date has not yet been announced for “Minecraft Xbox One Edition,” a Microsoft executive recently told IGN that he expects Mojang (the original creator of the video game) to be making an announcement soon.