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‘Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition’ exclusive DLC release date, price and more posted

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Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition” is getting a new exclusive DLC. According to a report from Play XBLA on March 5, the City Texture Pack is designed specifically for “building structures.” You can find some screens of the expansion, as well as other shots from the console port of the open-world sandbox video game, in the slideshow located to the left of this article and the details below:

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A creative texture set, ideal for building structures. Free your inner architect and shape the world around you. The perfect set for the focused builder!

The City Texture Pack should now be available on the Xbox Live Marketplace of the Xbox 360 with a price tag of one dollar. Although “Minecraft PS3 Edition” was recently released in North America, it appears that the DLC is exclusive to “Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition.” Aside from a Festive Skin Pack that came out at launch, the PS3 version of the software product has not yet received any new expansions.

4J Studios, the company that developed the City Texture Pack, is currently busy with many other projects regarding the console versions of “Minecraft.” The development team is currently trying to push out the TU14 patch for “Minecraft PS3 Edition” and “Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition.” Afterwards, 4J Studios should then shift focus towards releasing “Minecraft PS4 Edition,” “Minecraft Vita Edition” and “Minecraft Xbox One Edition.”

“Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition” was launched through the Xbox Live Marketplace on May 9, 2012, while the retail release came on June 4 of last year.