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'Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition' DLC revealed by 'Halo 4' and 'Halo 5' developer

'Halo' DLC for 'Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition'
'Halo' DLC for 'Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition'
Photo courtesy of Microsoft Studios, used with permission

343 Industries, the developer behind "Halo 4" as well as the upcoming tentatively-titled "Halo 5," has announced a new collaboration. According to a report from True Achievements on May 7, "Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition" will be getting new DLC based on the popular first-person shooting series. An official statement from Microsoft Studios teased that it may the third mash-up pack for the Xbox 360 port of the open-world sandbox title.

The comments stated that "Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition" has already received several exceptional DLC mash-up, skin and texture packs. However, the upcoming "Halo" DLC is expected to be the best expansion yet. More information should be announced in the near future. The official "Halo Waypoint" Twitter page did provide a first look at the DLC as Master Chief, the main protagonist of "Halo 4" and "Halo 5," can be seen holding the "Needler" weapon. You can find the screen attached near the top of this article. The Microsoft Studios' statement is located below:

Ever since Minecraft released we have witnessed some exceptional Skin, and Texture and Mash-up Packs, including some featuring popular video games, but we might be headed for one of the most spectacular yet. We don’t have specific details just yet, but we can confirm that Halo is coming to Minecraft. Details soon.

The previous two mash-up packs for "Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition" feature the "Mass Effect" franchise as well as "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim." The science-fiction role-playing theme expansion came out on Sept. 4 of last year while the other DLC was released approximately two and a half months later on Nov. 20. The mash-up packs changes the look of the entire open-world sandbox game with skins, textures, music tracks along with a new user interface and theme world.

Mash-up packs have only appeared on the Xbox 360 port so far. However, 4J Studios previously confirmed that the same DLC type would be made available for "Minecraft PS3 Edition." A 1.06 patch is currently being planned for the video game on Sony's current generation console that will add compatibility with future expansions. Since "Halo" intellectual property belongs to Microsoft Studios, the third mash-up pack should remain exclusive to "Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition."

The same DLC may also arrive for "Minecraft Xbox One Edition," which should be coming out sometime later this year. Mojang has already confirmed that the saves from the Xbox 360 port could be ported to the game on Microsoft's next-generation system. Aside from the Xbox platforms, "Minecraft PS4 Edition" and "Minecraft Vita Edition" are also in development 4J Studios with should be released before the start of the fourth quarter in North America. The aforesaid "Halo 4" came out in 2012 while "Halo 5" is expected to come out next year.

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