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‘Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition’ DLC city texture pack file size and more revealed

‘Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition’ DLC city texture pack
‘Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition’ DLC city texture pack

The studio behind “Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition” provided more information on the DLC city texture pack. According to a message from the official 4J Studios Twitter page on March 7, a representative confirmed that the expansion con now be downloaded on the Xbox Live Marketplace in Europe and North America.

The “Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition” city texture pack is priced at $1.00 in the United States as well as 0.65 British pounds in the U.K. region. It also requires 6.32 MB of free space to download from the digital marketplace onto the hard drive of the Xbox 360. A trial version of the product is available although several features, such as saving, will be disabled until the product is purchased. You can find some screens of the DLC, as well as other shots from the software product, to the left side of this article.

Although 4J Studios also developed “Minecraft PS3 Edition,” the city texture pack appears to be exclusive to “Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition.” The development team did reveal that they are currently working with both Mojang and Sony Computer Entertainment to release for DLC for the PS3 version of the open-world sandbox video game.

Aside from the two console ports already on the market, 4J Studios will be releasing “Minecraft” for the PS4, Playstation Vita and Xbox One platforms in the future. The development team is also preparing to release the TU14 patch for the aforesaid “Minecraft PS3 Edition” and “Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition.”