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'Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition' 2nd birthday comes with free skins, Wither tease

2nd Birthday Skin Pack
2nd Birthday Skin Pack
Photo courtesy of Microsoft, used with permission

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition” will be celebrating its second birthday on May 9 and Microsoft and 4J Studios announced how they plan to celebrate the milestone on Thursday. Free skin packs are on the way along with discounts on other DLC. There’s also a new Wither tease.

Microsoft will re-release the original “Birthday Skin Pack” for free to the Xbox Store from May 9 through May 18. A “2nd Birthday Skin Pack” will also be released during the same timeframe and include skins for characters from “Halo”, “Fable”, “Banjo-Kazooie” and “Viva Piñata”.

Additionally, the Xbox Store will also run a 50 percent off sale on all Skin Packs and Texture Packs. The exception will be the Marvel products such as the Marvel Avengers Skin Pack and the recently released Marvel Spider-Man Skin Pack. Mash-up Packs are also not included in this sale.

A new set of screenshots were released to show some of the skins featuring the new characters. Red and Blue Spartans, Steve and other characters are all present along with birthday hats.

Interestingly, 4J Studios snuck in a Wither Boss and a Wither Skeleton in one of the screenshots. These two mobs were missing from the recent update to the game so this is perhaps the first tease at what will be included in a future update. For now, Title Update 16 (TU16) is being described as a bug fix update.

A “Halo” Mash-Up pack was also teased yesterday with an image featuring Master Chief, a Halo ring skybox and more. No release date was announced but Mash-Up Packs are a combination of textures, skins, music and re-skinned user interface that revolve around other games. This includes a Themed World and the ability for players to create their own with the same look.

Those waiting on news for “Minecraft: Xbox One Edition” and “Minecraft: PS4 Edition” will have to continue waiting. There’s been no update beyond the current release window that is between today and the end of September.

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