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'Minecraft' Xbox 360 and Xbox One DLC pack features 'State of Decay'

'Minecraft Xbox One Edition'
'Minecraft Xbox One Edition'
Photo courtesy of 4J Studios, used with permission

Another intellectual property has been confirmed for "Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition" and "Minecraft Xbox One Edition." According to a report from True Achievements on June 19, the Skin Pack 6 also includes costumes based on the "State of Decay" franchise. Mojang previously confirmed that the expansion comes with "Killer Instinct," "Mirror's Edge" and "Trials."

"State of Decay" was first released for the Xbox 360 on June 5 of last year. It would arrive on the PC several months later on Sept. 20. The downloadable title received favorable reviews and ended up selling more than one million copies. A potential sequel has already been confirmed as the development team, Undead Labs, is planning a massively-multiplayer online follow-up for the Xbox One. Not much details have been revealed for the project so far, however.

Many fans of "State of Decay" were hoping to hear something about the new game at E3 2014. However, Microsoft Studios did not mention anything during the company's press conference. On the other hand, "Minecraft: Xbox One Edition" had a big presence at the event as it was playable on the show floor. Demo stations for "Minecraft PS4 Edition" and "Minecraft Vita Edition" were also set up at Sony Computer Entertainment's booth.

The Skin Pack 6 should remain exclusive to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions as Microsoft owns the "Killer Instinct" and "State of Decay" intellectual properties. The expansion may also be transferable between the two games on Xbox platforms based on a statement previously made by Mojang, the original creator of the sandbox title. The official release date and price for the DLC is still unannounced.

"Minecraft Xbox One Edition" should end up being one of the best-selling games on the Xbox One. "Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition" already sold 12 million units after coming out in 2012. For one year, Mojang will be giving Xbox 360 players the opportunity to upgrade to the Xbox One version by paying $4.99 instead of the regular $19.99 price tag. The same discount is also available when upgrading from the PS3 copy to the PS4 version.

Fans will have to wait until Aug. in order to get this hands on "Minecraft Xbox One Edition" along with the PS4 and Vita ports. The next-generation console versions comes with some exclusive features such as bigger worlds and draw distances. You can find a photo of the Xbox One game at E3 2014 near the top of this article (courtesy of 4J Studios Twitter page).

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