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‘Minecraft: Wii U Edition’ release potential discussed by 4J Studios

Photo courtesy of Mojang, used with permission.

With Minecraft soon releasing for PS4, Xbox One, and PS Vita, many gamers, particularly Nintendo fans, are wondering if Minecraft will eventually find its way to Wii U. According to a report by Wii U Daily from Aug. 31, 4J Studios recently spoke about the possibility of a Minecraft: Wii U Edition and the title seeing release on other platforms. Though 4J Studios’ Dan Kaplan doesn’t dismiss the possibility of Minecraft coming to Wii U or any other platform, he does share that install base size plays a role in deciding where Minecraft will be released.

It was once rumored that the Wii U would be receiving Minecraft and that the title would be announced around the time of E3 2014. That rumor was quickly dismissed by Minecraft creator Notch who stated that Minecraft would not be coming to Wii U. While speaking with Total Xbox, Dan Kaplan of 4J Studios commented on the possibility of the title finding its way to Wii U and other platforms. Kaplan disclosed that the studio will release Minecraft on a platform that has a user base for it. However, the user base must be of adequate size. If the base is too small, it may not be worth the developmental effort. Find Kaplan’s full explanation below:

“With the release of PS4 and Xbox One I think we have fulfilled most of the needs for now. There aren’t many platforms left to release on. We’ll see, whatever makes sense and if the platform has the user base for it. We won’t release on the platform if the base is very small because it’s much too big of an effort.”

Though the Wii U isn’t directly named, Nintendo’s latest home console is the only major home console without a version of Minecraft on it. If sales continue to grow in North America thanks to major releases like Mario Kart 8 and the upcoming release of Super Smash Bros. 4, perhaps one day a Minecraft: Wii U Edition will come to light.

4J Studios will release Minecraft for PS4 and PS Vita in the coming days and weeks. Minecraft: Xbox One Edition will be released on Friday, Sept. 5. Find additional details here.