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'Minecraft Vita Edition' differences from PS4 and Xbox One editions detailed

Photo courtesy of 4J Studios, used with permission

A new trailer has showed off some of the differences between "Minecraft Vita Edition" when compared to the two other upcoming console ports of the open-world sandbox game. According to a report from Gameranx on Aug. 14, the video provided a look at an exclusive feature for the handheld version. Even though split-screen won't be possible, players are still able to play cooperatively using different Vita systems.

"Minecraft Vita Edition" will let users connect wirelessly on the handheld. As a result, they can build, explore and fight together. 4J Studios did not reveal if there will be any limitations in terms of multiplayer when compared to "Minecraft PS4 Edition" and "Minecraft Xbox One Edition." Both next-generation versions are going to support up to four players locally and eight players online (with potentially more being added in a future title update patch). You can view a screen from the Vita version near the top of this article (via the 4J Studios Twitter).

The trailer also provided a first real look at how the Vita is running. Instead of making compromises, 4J Studios decided to port the full console experience onto the handheld. Although the video shows that it is running smoothly, it also contains a lot of aliasing with some jaggy edges. However, the open-world sandbox title never exhibit strong visuals from a technical standpoint on any platform. Overall, it appears that those looking to play the console version of "Minecraft" while on the go should be quite satisfied with the Vita title.

The release date for "Minecraft Vita Edition" is still up in the air as the development team is still in the process of squashing bugs before sending the final code off to Sony Computer Entertainment for additional testing. "Minecraft Xbox One Edition" has also been stuck in the same phase of the production cycle over the past several weeks. On the other hand, "Minecraft PS4 Edition" is already going under the certification procedure and could end up coming out earlier than the other ports.