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'Minecraft: Vita Edition' controls, menu and Xbox 360 sales discussed

'Minecraft Vita Edition' menu
'Minecraft Vita Edition' menu
Photo courtesy of 4J Studios, used with permission

A brief update has been provided in regards to "Minecraft: Vita Edition." According to a report from IGN on May 12, a fan asked 4J Studios to provide an update on the development status for the handheld version of the popular game. A representative from the studio replied by saying that the company is still working on the project.

Furthermore, the same individual also provided a direct-feed screenshot from "Minecraft: Vita Edition." The image shows off the controls when using the menus. The square button is used to show the description of a highlighted item while players can switch between groups using the L and R shoulder buttons. Finally, the menu could be closed by pressing the circle input. You can find the aforesaid screen of the menu from the official 4J Studios Twitter page with the photo added to the top of the article.

The companies involved with the release of "Minecraft: Vita Edition" is hoping that it would achieved a similar success to "Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition," which has topped the U.K. sales chart once again for the week that ended on May 10. According to a report from Metro, the disc version of the Xbox 360 port, which came out in 2013, managed to beat out other popular games such as "inFamous: Second Son" in addition to "Titanfall" on Xbox One. The lack of a substantial install base for the Vita may hampered the potential sales for the handheld version, however.

4J Studios also released "Minecraft: PS3 Edition," which was made available first as a downloadable title and will be released as a disc in Europe on May 14 and North America on May 16. Based on the continued sales success of "Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition," the company may be following a similar launch strategy for the PS4, Vita and Xbox One ports. In fact, the retail releases for the new versions have already been listed by an online shopping website.

"Minecraft: Vita Edition" was previously confirmed to be coming out sometime between now and the end of the third quarter in 2014 while "Minecraft: PS4 Edition" should end up arriving at the same time. The launch window for "Minecraft: Xbox One Edition" remains a mystery although Microsoft is confident that an announcement will be made in the relatively near future. Even without the upcoming ports, the video game has already sold around 50 million copies worldwide.