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'Minecraft Vita Edition' compared to PS3 and PS4 versions

'Minecraft Vita Edition'
'Minecraft Vita Edition'
Photo courtesy of 4J Studios, used with permission

A comparison has been made for "Minecraft Vita Edition" to "Minecraft PS3 Edition" and "Minecraft PS4 Edition." According to a report from IGN on July 2, the frame rate for the handheld version was not running as smoothly as the console releases. Sony Computer Entertainment recently announced that the Vita game will be providing the full console experience.

IGN also noted that some players may prefer to play "Minecraft Vita Edition" while traveling or watching television. On the other hand, others may favor playing on the big screen, especially when admiring some of the complex creations from the community. Players will be able to transfer saves between the PS3 and Vita editions. However, importing worlds from the PS3 and Vita to the PS4 will only be a one way street.

"Minecraft PS4 Edition" increases the world size exponentially by 32 times when compared to the PS3 and Vita games. The next-generation console release will also take advantage of the extra horsepower to increase the draw distances. As a result, players can now see farther into the horizon. On the other hand, these improvements made it impossible from a technical standpoint to transfer worlds created from the PS4 to "Minecraft Vita Edition" and "Minecraft PS3 Edition."

At E3 2014, Sony Computer Entertainment took a little bit of time to acknowledge the handheld release during a long press conference. Furthermore, the company also provided playable booths of "Minecraft Vita Edition" and "Minecraft PS4 Edition" on the show floor. Microsoft also had a playable demo for "Minecraft Xbox One Edition" at the same convention.

All three ports, which are being developed by 4J Studios, are slated to arrive next month in multiple regions. The video game will be priced at $19.99 on all platforms although the PS4 and Xbox One versions can be acquired for just $4.99 for existing owners of the PS3 and Xbox 360 copies. The Vita game is also free to download for those who already purchased the PS3 iteration. You can find a photo of "Minecraft Vita Edition" at E3 2014 near the top of this article (courtesy of the official 4J Studios Twitter page).