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Update: ‘Minecraft’ TU15 still waiting on PS3 release, dev announces Patch 1.06

Minecraft: PS3 Edition
Minecraft: PS3 Edition
Photo courtesy of 4J Studios, used with permission

Update: Patch 1.05, also known as Title Update 15, is now finally available for Minecraft: PS3 Edition. 4J Studios announced the release of the the update late Wednesday evening. Furthermore, the developer confirmed on April 17 that they have now begun work on Patch 1.06 which will come alongside the PS3 release of the Candy Texture Pack as well as the Natural Texture Pack.

Original Article: Despite the fact that Title Update 15 launched on the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft last week, the latest update has yet to release on the PS3 edition of the game. Developer 4J Studios has submitted to patch to Sony but the update is still currently being tested to see if it’s meets PSN specifications according to a report from The Fuse Joplin on April 14.

All game content must pass certification tests before being allowed to release on either Xbox Live or the Playstation Network. These tests are performed directly by Microsoft and Sony and are conducted independently of each other. It is unknown why Title Update 15 passed Microsoft’s certification process late last week while the PS3 version has still yet to release. However, it is expected that the PS3 update will likely launch at some point this week.

While the content push is referred to Title Update 15 on both console version of the sandbox creation title, the update is actually known as Patch 1.05 on the PS edition of the game. Unlike TU14, the latest Minecraft patch doesn’t introduce any new features. Instead, the update focuses of fixing issues and removing various bugs from the game.

Fixes implemented in Patch 1.05 include tweaks to the loot that players will find on zombie mobs as well as the removal of bugs that were introduced in Title Update 14. Additionally, the patch will make several changes to improve the multiplayer experience such as improvements to the the in-game chat system and splitscreen functionality. The full change log for Patch 1.05 has been posted on the Minecraft Forums to allow fans to read through all of the upcoming changes.

Minecraft: PS3 Edition is out now, available only as a digital download from the PS Store. The Playstation 3 version of the game launched in December of last year, giving PS3 owners access to the title which had already become widely popular on both PC and Xbox 360.

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