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'Minecraft' TU14 trading and enchanting interfaces shown for PS3, Xbox 360

Minecraft TU14 User Interface Changes
Minecraft TU14 User Interface Changes
Here's some of the new interface changes and options for Minecraft: PS3 Edition and Xbox 360 Edition. (4J Studios)

4J Studios continued the slow reveal of Title Update 14 (TU14) features Thursday for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition and Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition. The latest is the shows a little of the new villager trading and enchanting menus plus updates to the character inventory and creative mode inventory.

The new Minecraft image shows a four-player splitscreen with each quadrant of the screen displaying a new menu interface. The top left shows the enchanting menu with the opportunity to combine a weapon or tool with an enchanted book to create an upgraded version at the cost of some experience.

Meanwhile, the top right is the new villager trading interface. Players will be able to select a villager and trade something in exchange for an item or that the villager makes as part of his profession. Each villager may offer something different and this is a good way to get uncommon items while in survival mode.

The bottom left screen doesn't show any changes to the player inventory screen but does confirm that players will be able to dye their armor different colors.

Finally, the bottom right screen reveals changes to the creative mode inventory menu. In addition to a vertical scroll bar, an eighth tab has been added to hold potions. You'll also notice the Golden Carrot in the inventory bar at the bottom plus wolf to the right of the menu has a dyed collar as well.

Still no word on when Title Update 14 will be released to Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition and PS3 Edition but March looks like a safe bet for now. No word on the PS4 or Xbox One releases either.

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