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'Minecraft' TU14 image teases Playstation skins, teleporting option

Minecraft: PS3 Edition - Playstation Skins and Host Options
Minecraft: PS3 Edition - Playstation Skins and Host Options
This blurry photo confirms a Playstation Skin Pack and a new host option for Minecraft on consoles. (4J Studios)

4J Studios released another picture Monday to tease the upcoming release of Title Update 14 (TU14) to Minecraft for the PS3 and Xbox 360 as well as the yet to be released PS4 and Xbox One editions. Not only is a Playstation character skin pack on display but also some new multiplayer game options.

The Minecraft TU14 image reveals that Sly Cooper, Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series and the Helghast trooper from the Killzone series will all receive character skins at some point. Obviously, this Playstation skin pack will be exclusive to the PS3 and PS4.

The image also reveals a new host option for teleporting though it required typing "Kan teleportera" into Google Translate to make sure. In the PC version of Minecraft, the host can teleport themselves or other players to different parts of the map using the teleport command. How this will work in the console version of the game remains to be seen since it also requires a pair of coordinates as well as the player name.

Still no word on when Title Update 14 will be released to Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition or Minecraft: PS3 Edition. Additionally, there's no mention of the PS4 Edition or Xbox One Edition release date either. It appears likely that TU14 and the next-gen console versions will arrive no earlier than April at this point unless 4J Studios manages to squeeze in a late March release.

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