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'Minecraft' TU14 guide to Villager trading for PS3 and Xbox 360

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition - Trading
Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition - Trading
Get the ins and outs of trading in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition and PS3 Edition. (4J Studios, ECKOSOLDIER))

One of the new features added to Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition and Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Edition with the release of TU14 on Thursday is the ability to trade with villagers. This guide was put together to walk through trading with villagers along with some of the peculiarities of the console version.

The first question you may ask is why trade with Villagers at all. While they aren't that much help in Creative Mode where you have all the basic items available, they can be a godsend in Survival mode when you are low on health and/or really hungry. You'll even have the opportunity to obtain, common, uncommon and rare armor, weapons and unique items as well such as the bottle o' enchanting.

One major difference to note between is that the console version currently does not limit what Villagers can trade based on their job according to 4J Studios. The PC version currently divides tradeable items between the Farmer, Librarian, Priest, Blacksmith and Butcher. That means that what a Villager offers to trade in the PS3 and Xbox 360 Editions is somewhat random.

To trade with Villagers, simply find a village in the world, approach a villager and pull the left trigger on the Xbox 360 version or L2 on the PS3 Edition. This will bring up the trading interface that displays what the Villager has to trade in the seven slots across the top, what is required to complete the trade in the box on the bottom left and your inventory in the bottom right. Every Villager will start with one item to trade in exchange for an emerald.

To execute the trade, simply select the required item to trade for from your inventory and, voila, the Villager's item is now in your inventory.

Once you back out of the trade interface, the Villager will refresh the items he has for trades after a couple of moments. You'll notice this happening when the Villager gets a glowing animation over his head. Once you try to trade with him again, you'll notice the item you traded to the Villager in the first slot with a new in the next slot. This will continue until all seven slots are filled.

Since there are a large number of Villagers in a game, you can keep moving from one Villager to another to get the items you need.

It appears that the trading values for Minecraft: PS3 Edition and Xbox 360 Edition did remain the same from the PC version. That means you should expect one Emerald to be worth five to eight Apples or 12-13 Emeralds to be worth one Diamond Sword. You can check out a chart detailing the trading values for items at the always excellent Minecraft Wiki.

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