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‘Minecraft’ Title Update 14 still has ‘a few weeks’ before its ready for testing

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Don’t expect to be downloading Title Update 14 for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition in the coming weeks as 4J Studios announced on Feb 26 that the upcoming patch won’t even be ready for testing until weeks from now. Informing fans on the current state of the update, the developer released the following statement to keep players up to date on future content.

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Lots of people asking about TU14! We're busy finalizing the content, and bug fixing. A few weeks to go before it's ready for Cert testing.

Certification refers to the process which a game must undergo in order to appear on each console’s respective online service. Both Microsoft and Sony have a similar certification test before a title can be released on Xbox Live and PSN respectively. The certification process also takes time which means that the release of Title Update 14 is likely still a month away.

Title Update 14 introduces Adventure mode to console versions of Minecraft. The update also brings a new user interface along with the ability to dye armors and trade with NPC villagers. 4J Studios' Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition is now in stores thanks to a physical disc release that launched last summer. The recently released PS3 version of the game is also now available as a digital-only download via the PS Store.

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