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‘Minecraft’ Title Update 14 introduces treasure-filled temples to the game

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4J Studios currently has their hands full with Minecraft franchise. In addition to creating new texture packs and preparing to release next-gen versions of the game on the Xbox One and PS4, the developer is also working on Title Update 14 for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition which will add several new features. As reported by XBLA Fans on Feb 24, temples are one such addition hitting console versions of Minecraft with the launch of TU14.

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These pre-existing structures will already be present in appropriate biomes of newly created world seeds after the new update is pushed lived. As further detailed by Co-Optimus, temples hold valuable treasures to gamers brave enough to risk the various deadly traps of arrows and TNT hidden within.

Other features confirmed to be added to console versions of Minecraft in Title Update 14 include a new user interface, anvil enchanting, armor dyes, and the ability to barter with NPC villagers thanks to a new trading mechanic.

A release date has not yet been give for the launch TU14. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition is now available via Xbox Live Arcade. Additionally, a PS3 version of the game also recently released as a digital-only download from the PS Store. In addition to working on the new update, 4J Studios is also preparing to release the first skin pack for the Playstation 3 edition of Minecraft which will allow players to alter the appearance of their in-game avatar to that of different characters found within Sony exclusive games.

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