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‘Minecraft’ Title Update 14 confirmed to allow players to teleport to each other

Minecraft Title Update 14
Minecraft Title Update 14
4J Studios

4J Studios has released another clue on Minecraft: Xbox 360 Editions upcoming teleportation system. The developer first teased teleportation, which is expected to be implemented with Title Update 14, in a cryptic image that displayed an in-game menu which included options to enable the ability to teleport. As reported by Segment Next on March 19, more details have now surfaced regarding exactly what players will be able to do with teleportation.

A newly revealed teaser image for Title Update 14 was released by 4J Studios which noted that players will be able to teleport to each other’s locations within the console editions of the popular sandbox creation title. Few details are know about the new teleportation system at this time other than that it will apparently go live as part of TU14 as the screenshot showing system messages which confirmed teleportation was intended to sample content from the upcoming update such as villager merchants.

Title Update 14 brings Adventure Mode to the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Minecraft which will introduce a new way to play the game which focuses less on building and more on traditional RPG mechanics such as questing.

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition is now available on Xbox Live Arcade. 4J Studios also released a PS3 version of the game at the end of 2014 which can now be downloaded via the PS Store. Working to bring the game to next-gen platforms; the developer is also creating versions of Minecraft for release on Xbox One and PS4.

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