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‘Minecraft’ Title Update 14 and Patch 1.04 release dates finally announced

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4J Studios finally has a date set for when the next update will launch for the console editions of Minecraft. The developer took to Twitter on Tuesday to confirm that Title Update 14 will release for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition tomorrow morning. Shortly after the announcement, 4J Studios also revealed that Patch 1.04 will also launch for the PS3 version of Minecraft on March 27.

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After removing all known bugs from the content, the developer handed over the update to both Microsoft and Sony last week after to undergo certification testing. Title Update 14 and Patch 1.04 will introduce Adventure Mode to console gamers which gives fans a new way to play Minecraft that borrows elements commonly associated with role-playing games.

Additionally, the free update brings several other new features such as the ability to trade emeralds to NPC villagers in exchange for equipment and a new anvil mechanic which can be used to enchant items.

Title Update 14 will be available on Wednesday for the Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft, and Minecraft: PS3 Editions Patch 1.04 can be downloaded starting this Thursday.

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