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‘Minecraft: The PS3 Edition’ future updates discussed, one million copies sold

Minecraft PS3 Edition
Minecraft PS3 Edition

4J Studios and Mojang have announced that Minecraft: The PS3 Edition has sold more than one million copies on the PS3 since the title’s Dec. release. According to an official statement shared by Mojang from Jan. 24, the company disclosed that not only has Minecraft sold more than one million copies on the PS3, but that exciting future updates are planned for the title.

The popular sandbox game was released on the PS3 the week before Christmas with a launch date of Dec. 17. Mojang’s Daniel Kaplan describes the sales of Minecraft: The PS3 Edition as “crazy” when you consider it was released just prior to Christmas. Find Kaplan’s full comment on the sales of Minecraft: PS3 Edition below:

Hope you are enjoying the picking and placing of blocks! Just wanted to let you know that Minecraft on PS3 recently sold over 1 million copies (that has to be some kind of record on PSN, no?). It is crazy considering the game was released just before Christmas last year.

With Minecraft: The PS3 Edition enjoying strong sales and great success, the development team is looking to the future of the title. Along with thanking the fans for all their support, Kaplan continued to share that the development team is working on new updates and hopes the fans will like what is coming. Find Kaplan’s full comment below:

We are super grateful for the support and we are very thankful for your dedication and I hope you will like the future updates we have planned for you (more on that in a later blog post).

Minecraft is also planned for release on the PS4 and PS Vita in 2014. Having achieved great success on the PS3, it seems highly likely that Minecraft will perform just as well on the PS4 and PS Vita when they release later this year.

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