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‘Minecraft’ Skin Pack 2 adds new characters from ‘The Last of Us’ and more

Minecraft: PS3 Edition Skin Pack 2
Minecraft: PS3 Edition Skin Pack 2
Photo courtesy of 4J Studios, used with permission

The launch of Patch 1.06 for the Playstation 3 edition of Minecraft earlier this week allowed 4J Studios to release several new DLC packs on the PS Store. Three of the add-ons feature content that was previously released on Xbox 360 that has finally made its way to the PS3. However, after teasing the fourth new DLC on May 28, it was confirmed that the PS3-exclusive Skin Pack2 adds new character avatars based upon popular Playstation games.

Leading the new licensed avatar selections are numerous skins that allow fans to play Minecraft: PS3 Edition as their favorite characters from Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic masterpiece, The Last of Us. Also included as part of Skin Pack 2 for the PS3 version of Minecraft are new textures that change the player model into characters from other hit PS3 games such as Ratchet and Clank and Journey.

In addition to the release of Skin Pack 2, Patch 1.06 also paved the way for several other add-ons to finally make their way to the Playstation Network. Giving fans the ability to alter the appearance of the entire in-game world of Minecraft, players can now pick up the Candy Texture Pack and the Natural Texture Pack on the PS Store. The two DLC offerings provide a themed overhaul of the game’s visuals. Also now available to download on the PS3 is the Battle and Beasts Skin Pack 2. Like all other skin packs, the add-on introduces new avatar textures to the game.

Mojang revealed this month that players will be able to use all DLC packs that they have purchased on the Playstation 3 on the upcoming PS4 edition of Minecraft. Furthermore, those currently own the game will be able to digitally upgrade to the next-gen version for only $5. To help ease players into the transition, gamers will also be able to transfer their existing save files to the PS4.

Minecraft: PS3 Edition’s Skin Pack 2 is now available to download along with Patch 1.06. The Playstation 4 edition of the game is scheduled to release in August.