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‘Minecraft’s’ next update will add the cartoon and fantasy texture packs to PS3

Minecraft's Cartoon Texture Pack
Minecraft's Cartoon Texture Pack
Photo courtesy of 4J Studios, used with permission

Since 4J Studios’ Xbox 360 of Minecraft was released nearly two years before the launch of the Playstation 3 version of the game, many of the title’s add-on content pieces become available much quicker on the Microsoft platform. However, that doesn’t mean that Playstation fans won’t eventually receive the DLC. The developer confirmed on July 14 that two such texture packs that were previously released on the Xbox 360 will become available on the PS3 with the next update for Minecraft: PS3 Edition.

Both the Fantasy Texture Pack, as well as the new Cartoon Texture Pack, will become available to PS3 players of the block-based sandbox title after the next title update is released. There currently isn’t a scheduled date for the update, but 4J Studios recently announced that the next patch for console editions of Minecraft will come after the launch of the Xbox One and Playstation 4 editions of the game this August.

Like all of Minecraft’s previous texture pack releases, the add-ons will allow fans to complete change the appearance of the title’s voxel world by applying new textures to the game. Unlike the original PC version of Minecraft, fans can’t mod the game’s console versions. That means the official DLC, such as texture and skin packs, is the only method available to Xbox and Playstation players to alter the appearance of Minecraft.

4J Studios is also currently working on bringing Minecraft to the new generation of consoles. Both Xbox One and PS4 editions of Minecraft are scheduled to release later this summer. In addition to being able to import their existing save files from the last-gen versions of the game, many of the previous DLC purchases will also transfer to the new hardware as well. Add-ons which contain licensed content, however, won’t likely be transferrable due to legal restrictions.