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‘Minecraft’ PS4, Xbox One release date and status update given by developer

Minecraft PS4 Edition
Minecraft PS4 Edition
Photo courtesy of Mojang, used with permission.

4J Studios have shared a new update concerning the status and release date for Minecraft: PS4 Edition, Minecraft: Xbox One Edition, and the ability to transfer save data between the cross-gen versions of the title. According to a series of Tweets made on 4J Studios Twitter account from Aug. 26, the release date of Minecraft: PS4 and Minecraft: Xbox One may only be weeks away now as each title is set to be sent for certification at Sony and Microsoft. With the game being sent in for certification this week, it looks like Minecraft will release in early or mid-Sept. for PS4 and Xbox One.

Despite the PS4 version of Minecraft having failed certification a week ago, 4J Studios has quickly managed to rectify the issues that caused a slight delay. In just one week’s time, the development team has completed work on Minecraft: PS4 Edition and has submitted the title to Sony for testing and certification. Find 4J Studios’ full statement below:

MinecraftPS4 is back with Sony for final testing. Fingers crossed...

Those with an Xbox One will be pleased to learn that 4J Studios will be submitting Minecraft: Xbox One Edition to Microsoft for certification by the end of this week. Find 4J Studios’ official comment below:

Down to the last few bugs with MinecraftXbox1 - hoping to hand it over to Microsoft by the end of the week!

In addition to the Minecraft Xbox One status update, 4J Studios shared that they are currently testing an update for Minecraft: Xbox 360 and Minecraft: PS3 which will allow users to transfer their Xbox 360 save data to Xbox One – and PS3 save data to PS4 or PS Vita.

A small MinecraftXBLA update is in test. This adds the ability to transfer Xbox 360 saves to #MinecraftXBox1 ahead of its release. A small #MinecraftPS3 update is also in test. This adds the ability to upload PS3 saves for #MinecraftPS4 & #MinecraftPSVita.

The PS Vita version of Minecraft remains in development.

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