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'Minecraft' PS4, Xbox One and Vita glitch testing update posted

Photo courtesy of 4J Studios, used with permission

4J Studios posted several new updates on the glitch testing procedure being done on "Minecraft PS4 Edition," "Minecraft Xbox One Edition" and "Minecraft Vita Edition." According to a report from Gameranx on Aug. 13, the development team first announced that the PS4 game has been handed over to Sony Computer Entertainment for certification. As a result, it appears that the open-world video game may have an earlier release date on Sony Computer Entertainment's next-generation system than the two other platforms.

The certification process is used to make sure that game developers, in this case 4J Studios, did not miss many potential damaging glitches during internal testing. If Sony Computer Entertainment do not find something wrong, then "Minecraft PS4 Edition" should be released in the very near future. Otherwise, the code will be sent back for the studio to fix.

"Minecraft Xbox One Edition" and "Minecraft Vita Edition" have not yet reach the same phase as the PS4 version, however. A representative at 4J Studios stated that the development team is still trying to fix the glitches found in the Vita and Xbox One games. The company promised to provide another round of updates to fans once the two ports move to the next stage of release.

The Xbox One is reportedly a little bit harder to develop for when compared to the PS4. However, Microsoft has been trying to close the gap over the past several months by updating the software development kit in addition to freeing up more resources by removing the mandatory support for Kinect. The new changes should help make development much easier than before, which should result in multiplatform games looking more similar on the two next-generation platforms.

A previously statement made by Mojang mentioned that all three ports should be released by the end of this month. Although "Minecraft PS4 Edition" appears to be ready for launch, "Minecraft Xbox One Edition" and "Minecraft Vita Edition" still need more time in the development oven. You can check out a screen announcing the certification testing of the PS4 version near the top of this article (via the official Twitter of 4J Studios).