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‘Minecraft: PS4 Edition’ touchpad controls and world size detailed

Minecraft PS4 Edition
Minecraft PS4 Edition
Photo courtesy of Mojang, used with permission.

Those that opt to buy Minecraft: PS4 Edition will have the ease and accessibility of the DualShock 4’s touchpad to make the game a smoother experience. According to a report by Polygon from June 15, Mojang has confirmed that the PS4 version of Minecraft will make use the DualShock 4’s touchpad to perform several in-game functions. The developer also commented on the world size and other details regarding Minecraft: PS4 Edition.

With Minecraft: PS4 set to release in Aug. for Sony’s latest home console, the development team at 4JStudios is looking to take advantage of the extra hardware power and new features of the DualShock 4 controller. Like many of the PS4’s games, Minecraft: PS4 Edition will use the touchpad as a means of creating an easier and smoother player experience. Players will be able to use the touchpad to craft items and to navigate the game’s menu. Those accustomed to Minecraft for PC should feel comfortable using the touchpad for quick navigation.

Jumping to the next-generation, Minecraft for PS4 and Xbox One will see a large bump when it comes to the measurement of world size. The worlds found in Minecraft: PS4 and Minecraft: Xbox One will be 36 times bigger than what was offered on the PS3 and Xbox 360. The PS4 version of Minecraft will also support social sharing – like screenshots, video uploads, and streaming services.

If you happened to purchase Minecraft: PS3 Edition digitally from the PS Store, you will be able to upgrade to Minecraft: PS4 Edition for a small fee. Mojang did not specify what type of price range this fee would be within – though a $4.99 fee seems highly probable. The company also detailed that there is a plan to allow those with a physical copy of Minecraft: PS3 to upgrade for the same small fee, but that they are still working out a method to achieve this. They will share more details once they become available.

Minecraft: PS4 Edition will launch in Aug. alongside Minecraft: Xbox One Edition and Minecraft: PS Vita. The title will be available for $19.99.