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‘Minecraft: PS4 Edition’ release date delayed, fails PS4 certification

Minecraft PS4 Edition
Minecraft PS4 Edition
Photo courtesy of Mojang, used with permission.

4J Studios have disclosed a new update concerning the release date for Minecraft: PS4 Edition. According to an official Tweet made by 4J Studios on Aug. 20, the PS4 version of Minecraft has failed Sony’s certification test and must be reevaluated before the title can be released. With the title having failed certification, the release date has been delayed until further notice. Furthermore, the Xbox One and PS Vita version of Minecraft remain in development and will be sent for certification in the near future.

In a series of Tweets made by 4J Studios, they explain and detail the current work being done on each version of Minecraft. With the PS4 version having failed certification, the development team must address several issues within the game. The context of the issues found by Sony has not yet been disclosed. 4J Studios has committed themselves to fixing the problems, but warns that the title will need to go through the entire certification process again before a release date can be announced. Find the full Tweet below:

Sony found some issues we have to fix in their final test of #MinecraftPS4 :( We're fixing, but we need to go through the process again.

As for the Xbox One and PS Vita version of Minecraft, the development team is still bug fixing them. Hopefully these versions don’t fail certification when they are sent to Sony and Microsoft upon completion. Release dates for Minecraft: Xbox One and Minecraft: PS Vita are currently unknown. Find an update on each by 4J below:

We're still bug fixing #MinecraftXbox1 and #MinecraftPSVita. We'll give you news when we have it.

Minecraft was announced for PS4, Xbox One, and PS Vita in early 2013.

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