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'Minecraft: PS4 Edition' release date setback, approval process and more updated

'Minecraft PS4 Edition'
'Minecraft PS4 Edition'
Photo courtesy of 4J Studios, used with permission

A new update has been posted for "Minecraft: PS4 Edition," which was recently sent to Sony Computer Entertainment for certification testing. According to a report from NZ Gamer on Aug. 21, a member from the development team confirmed that the open-world sandbox game failed to get approval from the console manufacturer. As a result, the code got sent back to 4J Studios.

The representative reassured fans that the development team is fixing the issues that came up while trying to get a final approval from Sony Computer Entertainment before release. However, the studio has to repeat the same process of sending the code back to the console manufacturer again. Because of this, the "Minecraft: PS4 Edition" release date should end up being pushed back.

The PS4 version of the video game got sent for certification testing before "Minecraft: Vita Edition" and "Minecraft: Xbox One Edition" even though all three ports were in development at the same time. However, it is now in the same bug-testing phase as the other two. 4J Studios stated recently that the Vita and Xbox One iterations are still being internally tested.

The development team could be having trouble due to some of the new features being added to the ports. The PS4 and Xbox One games are going to render at 1080p while featuring world sizes of up to 32 times bigger than the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. Furthermore, the Vita title also has touch screen controls. Finally, saves also be transferred between consoles (with some exceptions).

An Aug. release month was previously announced for "Minecraft: PS4 Edition," "Minecraft: Vita Edition" and "Minecraft: Xbox One Edition." However, the recent updates suggest that all three could be pushed back until the next month, or even much later. You can find a screenshot from the PS4 game with the photo near the top of this article (via the official Twitter from 4J Studios).