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‘Minecraft: PS4 Edition’ gets a new trailer, online and local co-op detailed

As the launch of Minecraft on Playstation 4 and Xbox One approaches, more details on the title’s jump from last-gen platforms to current console hardware is beginning to surface as 4J Studios’ block-filled creation game becomes increasingly ready for release later this summer. Speaking to the official Playstation blog on June 12, Mojang’s Owen Hill shared information on several aspects of Minecraft’s PS4 edition including multiplayer details, touchpad support, and a brand new trailer for the upcoming next-gen version of the game.

Photo courtesy of 4J Studios, used with permission

Hill confirmed that Minecraft will feature multiplayer support for up to eight players via an online connection. However, fans can also enjoy local co-op with up to four players on PS4 with splitscreen support. Additionally, the game will allow any combination of both local and online co-op partners in order to reach the multiplayer cap of eight gamers. This means that if four gamers are playing on one PS4 they can still connect to up to four other players online.

4J Studios and Mojang also plan to fully utilize the features of Sony’s DualShock4 controller for Minecraft: PS4 Edition. Hill confirmed that the game will make full use of the controller’s touchpad for everything from menu navigation to actually placing and manipulating blocks within the game. Of course, the use of the touchpad is completely optional. Players can choose to simply use the analog sticks or a combination of both.

The Playstation 4 edition of Minecraft will launch in August alongside the Xbox One and PS Vita versions of the game. All of the new releases will feature benefits to those who already own Minecraft on home consoles. Fans will be able to digitally upgrade their last-gen copy to the new platforms for only $5. Furthermore, the PS Vita edition of Minecraft will launch with cross-buy support with Minecraft: PS3 Edition. The best part is that this will take effect retroactively. This means anyone who already owns Minecraft on PS3 will be able download it on PS Vita for free.

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