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‘Minecraft: PS3 Edition’ Update 1.04 doesn’t include all of the fixes from TU14

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Title Update 14 has now been in development for some time and 4J Studios had previously stated that Update 1.04 for Minecraft: PS3 Edition will be similar to the Xbox 360 version’s TU14 release. However, after the developer released the patch notes for Update 1.04 on Thursday it became evident that the PS3 update won’t contain all of the listed bug fixes when compared to Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition’s similar Title Update 14 change log which was released on the same day.

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Both sets of patch notes remain nearly identical except for the fact that TU14 on Xbox 360 contains a category for additional bug fixes that isn’t listed to be included in Update 1.04 on Playstation 3. In all, it appears that Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition will receive over a dozen bug fixes that don’t look to be heading to the PS3 version of the game. 4J Studios has been contacted to clarify but have not responded at this time.

Minecraft: PS3 Edition is now available on the PS Store as a digital-only download. 4J Studios confirmed on March 20 that Update 1.04 is now complete and has been sent to Sony for certification testing. The update will be released as soon as the tests are successfully completed.

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