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‘Minecraft: PS3 Edition’ Title Update 1.03 patch notes released

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4J Studios has now sent off the latest set of fixes for Minecraft: PS3 Edition to undergo certification testing. The developer announced on Jan 14 that they expect the update to release sometime this week if Sony approves the patch. Additionally, 4J Studios also released the full patch notes for Title Update 1.03 on Monday.

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The most important fixes included in the upcoming patch is a fix to the save file corruption that players were experiencing inside multiplayer game sessions. The update is also expected to reduce game freezes that were attributed to memory issues. Also addressed in Patch 1.03 are problems which blocked users from earning trophies and issues which caused players to be unable to join a game session in progress.

Several other minor fixes will also go live with the latest patch for the Playstation 3 version of Minecraft. These include improvements that affect music glitches, lighting improvements, and improved rendering.

Minecraft: PS3 Edition released last month and is available exclusively as a digital download. It is likely that the game will eventually receive physical retail disc release similar to what was seen with the Xbox 360 edition nearly a year after its launch on Xbox Live.

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