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‘Minecraft: PS3 Edition’ texture pack DLC release date discussed

Minecraft PS3 Edition
Minecraft PS3 Edition
4J Studios

4J Studios has shared more information about the release date of the texture pack DLC for Minecraft: PS3 Edition. According to a report by Segment Next from March 15, the developer disclosed a release window for as to when the first couple of texture pack DLCs will be released for the PS3 version of Minecraft.

While answering questions about Minecraft: PS3 Edition, 4J Studios was asked when the texture packs would be released for the PlayStation version of the game. Though no exact release date was given, the developer did confirm that one or two PS3 texture packs will be released once the Title Update 14 patch is released for Minecraft: PS3 Edition. Find 4J Studios’ full comment below:

We're aiming to release one or two PS3 texture packs at the same time as the TU14 update for PS3.

To date, there has been no add-on DLC released for Minecraft: PS3 Edition. Furthermore, 4J Studios has not yet detailed what the texture pack DLC will consist of, though it seems highly likely it will be based upon previously released content from the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft.

Hopefully we hear more information soon about what the packs contain.

Earlier this months, 4J Studios teased a skin pack DLC add-on for Minecraft: PS3 Edition. The skin pack DLC showed Nathan Drake, Sly Cooper, and other Sony-exclusive character skins.

No release date has been announced for the skin pack, but it seems likely that it too will release close to the TU14 patch release.

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