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‘Minecraft: PS3 Edition’ save file corruption addressed, patch 1.03 available

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Released in a number of countries early Tuesday, patch 1.03 for Minecraft: PS3 Edition is finally ready to download in North America. 4J Studios announced on Jan 21 that the update, which addresses the infamous save file corruption that destroys user data, is now live.

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In addition to fixing the issue responsible for cause save files to become corrupt, patch 1.03 for the PS3 version of Minecraft also rids the game of several other bugs such as random freezes and audio problems. Many of the bugs are caused when players attempt to join others games. So those playing online should now have a much improved experience.

Minecraft: PS3 Edition is available now as a digital-only download from the Playstation Store. It is, however, likely that the game may eventually receive a physical retail release since a disc version of the Xbox 360 edition of the game was launched shortly after the first anniversary of its initial release on Xbox Live. PS3 owners will also getting new downloadable content soon as 4J Studios has announced that they are currently working on a secret texture pack for the Playstation 3.

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