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'Minecraft: PS3 Edition' City Texture Pack and TU14 teased in new images

The new Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition image showing teleportation and new items for TU14.
The new Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition image showing teleportation and new items for TU14.
4J Studios

4J Studios continued the teasing of Title Update 14 for Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition and Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition on Monday along with what looks to be the first Texture Pack that will be released to the PS3 version of the popular sandbox title.

The tease of taking off-screen pictures of Minecraft in action were released via Twitter with the top image showing the Xbox 360 Edition and the bottom image the PS3 Edition. The top shows the recently revealed host teleport option. This screenshot confirms that the host of the game will be able to teleport another player to the host's position on the map. How to teleport another player to a different position in the console versions has yet to be revealed though.

The top Xbox 360 Edition screen also shows some of the new items that will be available in the game including the Emerald, Carrot on a Stick, Pumpkin Pie, Golden Carrot, Apple, Block of Quartz and Flower Pots. Villager trading is also on display.

The bottom PS3 Edition image appears to confirm that the City Texture Pack will be one of the very first texture packs released for the Playstation 3. This texture pack was recently released to the Xbox 360 Edition and 4J Studios has stated that they plan to release one or two texture packs for the PS3 Edition at the same time that TU14 is launched.

The second image also confirms that the Battle and Beasts Skin Pack will also be coming to the PS3 Edition soon while also displaying some of the other upcoming TU14 items such as the Enchanted Book, Tripwire, Anvil and more.

4J Studios still has not announced when Title Update 14 will be released to Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition or Minecraft: PS3 Edition. Given that the certification process for both consoles can take up to two weeks, it looks like an April release is the most likely candidate for TU14.

Here is the current list of confirmed features coming with Title Update 14.


  • New Modified Tutorial World
  • Teleportation and player privileges

World Generation

  • Jungle Temples
  • Desert Temples
  • Desert Villages


  • Cobblestone and Mossy Cobblestone Walls
  • Flower Pots
  • Nether Quartz
  • Quartz Stairs
  • Carpet
  • Chiseled and smooth variations of Sandstone
  • Anvils
  • Tripwire Hooks
  • Ender Chests


  • Emeralds
  • Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Golden Carrots
  • Carrot on a Stick
  • Baked Potatoes
  • Enchanted Book
  • Pumpkin Pies

Game Mechanics

  • Ability to dye leather armor
  • Ability to dye wolf collars
  • Ability to trade with villagers
  • Ability to place string

User Interface

  • Anvil
  • Villager trading


  • Sideways logs
  • Wither Painting


  • Pigs will now follow and breed with carrots instead of wheat.

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H/T: Minecraft Wiki for upcoming features.

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