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'Minecraft: PS3 Edition' 1.06 patch out, brings Playstation Skin Pack 2 and more

'Minecraft: PS3 Edition' Skin Pack 2 and More Screenshots-slide0

The 1.06 patch (TU16) was released Wednesday for “Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition.” Along with the update came a new Playstation Skin Pack featuring characters from exclusive titles like “The Last of Us,” “Journey” and “Ratchet and Clank” plus two texture packs.

The “Minecraft Skin Pack 2” is available to purchase and download on the SEN Store for $1.99. The pack includes Ratchet, Clank, Captain Qwark and Dr. Nefarious from the “Ratchet and Clank” series; Joel, Ellie, Tess and a couple of Cordycep zombies from “The Last of Us”; and the mysterious robed characters from “Journey.” Kratos, Super Meatboy and Spelunky are also included in the pack along with many other characters.

The texture packs available are the “Natural Texture Pack” and the “Candy Texture Pack” for $0.99. Both are already available on the Xbox 360. The “Battle & Beasts 2 Skin Pack” was also released for $1.99 and adds a plethora of new animal and warrior / soldier type skins. There’s even a narwhal.

Patch 1.06 patch for “Minecraft: PS3 Edition” is the equivalent to Title Update 16, which was released to the “Xbox 360 Edition” last week. It’s primarily a bug fix but also added support for the aforementioned skin and texture packs.

The complete changelog for patch 1.06 is as follows as posted by 4J Studios on the Minecraft Forum.


- Added Candy Texture Pack
- Added Natural Texture Pack
- Added Skin Pack 2
- Added Battle & Beasts Skin Pack 2


- More voice chat fixes.
- Fix for players going invisible after death (on respawning).
- Fix for players going invisible when two players go through a nether gate at the same time.
- Fix for players sometimes being invisible after teleporting until either they move, or the player that sees them as invisible moves.
- Fix for Noteblock pitch being wrong – more noticeable when chords are played.
- Fix for Mobs dying in walls (happens for baby mobs after they become adults).
- Fix for chunks not loading in maps - tends to be specific seeds.
- Fixed streaming music not playing after a playing CD has been ejected from a jukebox
- Fix for player being able to attach Signs to the Chest with a block placed above it.
- Fix for player being able to breed wild Ocelots.
- Fix for player being able to breed Ocelot with Cat.
- Fix for tame wolves being removed if no players were near them when they were angry.
- Fix for Potion of Night Vision corrupts the game's UI while player is falling into the Void in the End.
- Fix for the damage decals flickering and/or not present if players are not close to each other in Survival Mode in a local splitscreen game.
- Fix for damage decals not displaying in splitscreen if the secondary player is 30 + blocks away from the primary player
- Fixed lava drip particles being too dark/black
- Fix for sitting wolves (or stationary entities) not being immediately visible if a remote player spawns next to them, or spawns far away and quickly heads towards them
- Fix for Leather Armour not displaying the enchantment glow.
- Fix for Enchanted item in hand effect being wrong.
- Fix for blocks placed at Y 128 being black on top.

A release date has finally been announced for “Minecraft” for the PS4, PS Vita and Xbox One. All three will be released in August with cheaper upgrade options for those that have already purchased the game for the PS3 or Xbox 360.

While the world sizes on the PS4 and Xbox One will not be infinite, 4J Studios confirmed that they are currently testing worlds that are 36 times larger than the existing PS3 and Xbox 360 world sizes. Comparison screenshots were also released that shows a vast improvement in the draw distance for the game as well.

Other new features that will be supported include the touchpad on the DualShock 4 and bringing saves over from the PS3 and Xbox 360 to the PS4 and Xbox One, respectively. Most DLC purchased for the PS3 and Xbox 360 will also transferable to the PS4 and Xbox One. The PS Vita will have all DLC available.

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