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'Minecraft' PC snapshot adds dangerous underwater mob and dungeon

Underwater dungeon
Underwater dungeon
Reddit user thecrackedcreeper

Mojang released a snapshot of the upcoming “Minecraft” 1.8 release on Wednesday. The 12w25a snapshot is one of the more interesting PC updates in a while due to the new underwater mob and underwater dungeon it adds to the open-world sandbox game.

The new underwater mob is a single-eyed fish-type creature called a Guardian. It only spawns around underwater dungeons and has a ranged attack that can kill players and other underwater mobs, such as squid.

“Minecraft” players will know when the Guardian is locked on to them when its eye starts following them around. It will drop raw fish, Prismarine shards and Prismarine cystals when defeated though.

If you’re wondering what Prismarine is, it’s a new block introduced with this “Minecraft” snapshot. The block is found primarily in underwater dungeons and comes in three different variants.

The underwater dungeon is a large maze-like structure with different rooms and hallways to get lost in. Prismarine is found there along with sponges, gold blocks, sea lanterns and Guardians. Elder Guardians will occasionally spawn in the dungeon as well and inflict Mining Fatigue III on to players as well as fill the player’s screen with flashes of its face.

Other new objects include a Sea Lantern to help see underwater and an update to the behavior of the Sponge block. The Sponge will now soak up all of the water in a six block radius when it touches water. Once it becomes full, it will become darker and cannot soak up any more water. It can be smelted back into a normal Sponge.

To help players get around in the water better, Mojang added a new enchant to "Minecraft" too. The Depth Strider enchant can be used on boots to provide faster movement underwater. It can be upgraded to level 3.

There’s no official word on when the Guardian and underwater dungeon will become available in “Minecraft.” In fact, Mojang also released the 1.7.10 pre-release build today. It allows players to upload the worlds they’ve created in the game to the “Minecraft Realms” servers.

If things go smoothly, the final version of 1.7.10 should be out next week. The 1.8 release with the new underwater content will likely then follow sometime over the new few weeks.

H/T: Reddit

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