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'Minecraft' PC, PS3, PS4, Vita, Xbox One and Xbox 360 potential patch detailed

'Minecraft' c
'Minecraft' c
Photo courtesy of Mojang, used with permission

A new patch may feature an aesthetic change for "Minecraft" on multiple systems. According to a report from Gamespot on July 16, Jens Bergensten hinted that the development team at Mojang is currently testing a new character model for the open-world sandbox game. Instead of having four pixels per arm, players may have the option to use three pixels. As a result, the human character models look slimmer when compared to the originals.

Mojang has been constantly updating "Minecraft" for the PC with new features after officially releasing the video game in late 2011. 4J Studios got brought in to help with the console ports starting with "Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition" in 2012 as well as "Minecraft PS3 Edition" in 2013. The title updates on the console versions are behind the updates of the PC version. Accordingly, it may take some time to see the same changes to the character models on other platforms aside from computers.

4J Studios also need to deal with the PS4, Vita and Xbox One ports of the video game. All three versions are due to come out sometime next month in Europe and North America. "Minecraft PS4 Edition" and "Minecraft Xbox One Edition" offer some enhancements such as the ability to build and explore bigger worlds in addition to the greater draw distances. Players can also import their saves from the PS3, Vita and Xbox 360 to the next-generation console iterations.

"Minecraft Vita Edition" is also confirmed to be providing the full console experience with the exception of split-screen play. The handheld game can be acquired for free on the Playstation Store for current owners of the PS3 version due to the cross-buy initiative. Players can also transfer their progress without any limitations from the Vita to the PS3 and vice versa. You can find a screen from the potential upcoming patch near the top of this article (via Jens Bergensten's Twitter page).