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'Minecraft' PC horse shown plus new game launcher for 1.6

Sorry pig, there's a new ride in town.
Sorry pig, there's a new ride in town.

The developers at Mojang dropped new details on the Minecraft 1.6 update for the PC on Wednesday. We got the first image and details of the new horse mob along with the promise of a new game launcher that supports multiple versions.

The image above is the new horse mob coming with the 1.6 update to Minecraft. Lead developer Jens Bergensten tweeted the image along with saying, "Yes, armor, and you can bind them to fences."

While the horse has been teased for a while, the addition of the armor is definitely a surprise. Doth we see jousting in the future of Minecraft? Binding the horse to the fence obviously requires a rope but it is unknown if the rope is a new craftable item or comes with the horse by default.

Meanwhile, Nathan Adam shared details on a new launcher for PC players of Minecraft.

"As I'm near 100k followers I don't mind saying a few new launcher stuffs: It supports multiple versions/installs, and it's self updatable," Adams tweeted.

Adams went on to note that the current launcher for the game is buggy and "not so easy to use" so a new launcher that allows users to easily switch between different versions of Minecraft by default is welcome. Players currently depend on third party launchers such as the Magic Launcher to do the same thing.

No release date has been announced for the 1.6 update but Bergensten previously said he was hoping for late May.

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