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‘Minecraft’ Patch 1.06 adds new DLC packs to the PS3 today

Minecraft: PS3 Edition
Minecraft: PS3 Edition
Photo courtesy of 4J Studios, used with permission

The PS3 equivalent of Title Update 16, which 4J Studios released on the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft earlier this month, is now available to download on the Playstation Network. The developer announced on Wednesday that Patch 1.06 is now officially live for Minecraft: PS3 Edition, putting the update right on schedule with the estimated date that fans were given two weeks ago.

4J Studios also shared the complete change log for the title update which applies numerous fixes to several in-game issues. Many of the corrected bugs were introduced with the game’s prior patch which gave fans the ability to toggle on invisibility. As a result, some players were experiencing issues where they would become involuntarily invisible after death or while teleporting to other gamers. Today’s update corrected these bugs, making invisibility an optional experience.

Also added to the PS3 edition of Minecraft as a result of Patch 1.06, fans of the game can now find four new DLC packs on PSN. Three of the add-ons were previously released for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. These include the Candy Texture Pack, the Natural Texture Pack, and the Battle and Beasts Skin Pack 2. The fourth DLC, however, is the second PS3-exclusive skin pack. The texture packs alter the appearance of the game world itself while the skin packs add new in-game avatars that allow players to become various animals, soldiers, and characters from popular Sony games.

Minecraft: PS3 Edition launched this past December. Initially only available as a digital download, the game also received a physical retail disc release earlier this month like the Xbox 360 version before it. Patch 1.06 and the new DLC packs are now available to download on the PS3. Furthermore, players will be able to carry over their add-on purchases to the Playstation 4 edition of Minecraft when the game launches on the new generation of consoles later this summer.