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Update: ‘Minecraft’ is getting a ‘Spider-Man’ Skin Pack DLC on Xbox 360

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Marvel Spider-Man Skin Pack
Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Marvel Spider-Man Skin Pack
Photo courtesy of 4J Studios, used with permission

The next skin pack add-on for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition will bring dozens of new in-game avatar looks that will give fans the option to take on the appearance of various Spider-Man characters within the popular block building game. The Marvel Spider-Man Skin Pack will release next week on Xbox 360 as reported by the official Xbox Live Arcade website on April 25.

Fans of both 4J Studios’ console editions of Minecraft and Marvel’s Spider-Man will be treated to 35 new avatar skins when the DLC launches on April 30. While many of many of the new skins will be give players access to many of the various costumes of the famed web-slinger himself, the DLC pack will also give gamers the ability to play as a variety of Spidey’s most popular villains.

Characters that are confirmed to appear include thus far include Green Goblin, Venom, Mysterio, J. Jonah Jamison, Black Cat, Scorpion, Rhino, and Doctor Octopus. Players can also don different uniforms of Peter Parker such as his classic Spider-Man outfit, the black suit, and several others. Fans can expect to see many more added to the list to fill out the dozens of new avatar choices that the skin pack will add to the game.

While the DLC has been confirmed to launch for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition next week, no word has yet been given as to whether the next skin pack add-on will also be making its way to the game’s PS3 version. So far, PS3 owners have slowly received much of the content from the Xbox 360 edition of the game but at a slower rate. After all, Minecraft released a year and a half earlier on Xbox 360 than Minecraft: PS3 Edition’s launch late last year.

Minecraft is now available to download on both Xbox 360 and PS3. A physical disc is also available for purchase on Xbox 360 and the PS3 is set to receive a retail launch in May. 4J Studios is currently working to bring the game to the Xbox One and PS4. The upcoming versions on the new generation platforms will allow fans to import their world saves from the existing console editions of Minecraft.

Update: Fans can expect to hear more information about this week's release of the Spider-Man Skin Pack for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition shortly. Lead producer on the Xbox versions of Minecraft, Roger Carpenter, announced on April 28 that new details on the DLC will be revealed later today.

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