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‘Minecraft’ is getting a City Texture Pack for urban creations

Minecraft City Texture Pack
Minecraft City Texture Pack
4J Studios

Even though 4J Studios is currently working on Title Update 14 for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, the developer revealed on Feb 19 that they are also in process of creating the next themed texture pack for the console versions of the game. After showing off the first screen of the upcoming add-on, 4J Studios later confirmed the name of the DLC as the City Texture Pack.

Judging by the name, alongside the first screenshot release, it appears that the City Texture Pack will introduce the perfect set of block textures to allow fans to create proper representations of urban settings.

Texture Packs for Minecraft let console players to alter the looks of the title by changing in-game textures, music, and interface. While PC gamer can use mods to make similar changes, these officially released DLC packs provide the only means by which Minecraft worlds may be altered on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

4J Studios is the development team responsible for porting the sandbox creation title to home consoles. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition released in 2012 on Xbox Live Arcade and has since seen a physical retail disc release. The PS3 version of Minecraft launched late last year and is currently available as a digital-only download from the PS Store. The developer is also working on version of the hit game for release on the Xbox One, PS4, and PS Vita.

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