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‘Minecraft’ is about to explode into the real work with a full product line

Photo courtesy of Mojang, used with permission

Minecraft has been compared to LEGO bricks ever since the popular video game series was first launched. As a result, it was only a matter of time before both properties collaborated. The two popular franchises finally collided with the launch of a limited number of LEGO playsets inspired by Minecraft. However, as revealed by MCV on Monday, the partnership between Minecraft and LEGO is about to expand into a full product line.

The world’s first glimpse of Minecraft inspired LEGO pieces consisted of only a few different boxed sets. In fact, there was only a total of four LEGO playsets released within the popular toy series’ first Minecraft line. The two popular creation franchises have now decided to greatly increase their partnership after LEGO announced their commitment to release a new major Minecraft toy line.

In the future, fans can expect to find as many Minecraft LEGO sets as the toy producer has released for their other major licensed series such as the popular LEGO Star Wars and Batman playsets. This will give Minecraft an entirely new market to capture expanding on the 50 million copies of the game sold across all platforms. It will be interesting to see if the partnership will extend both ways. Perhaps there will be LEGO content coming to the video game in the form of an in-game skin or texture pack add-on.

The news of a full LEGO product line release for Minecraft has come shortly before the series will see its new-gen launch on the Xbox One and Playstation 4 next month. As the popular black-building game releases on more platforms, its popularity continues to grow. 4J Studios console ports of the game have greatly contributed to the franchise’s success which likely led to the deal between Minecraft and LEGO. This summer’s launch of the game on new consoles will only cause its popularity to grow.