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Minecraft firework crafting guide for the PC

Mojang released a snapshot update to Minecraft on the PC Friday that adds fireworks to the popular sandbox game. After testing this new colorfully explosive feature out and seeing what the Minecraft community has discovered as well, we decided to put together this guide for crafting fireworks.

Minecraft Fireworks - Creeper face explosion
Minecraft Fireworks - Creeper face explosion
Reddit, Minecraftwiki

A couple of things to note about the fireworks before we break down how to craft them. For starters, fireworks do not cause any damage and only fire up. They may scare wolves and other mobs, however. Sound effect have not been implemented yet but you should expect them in time for the full release of the 1.4.6 patch later this month before Christmas.

With that out of the way, let's get down to what you'll need to create fireworks and how to give them special effects including glitters, trails and Creeper face shapes.

Basic Firework Recipe

  1. Combine Gunpowder with Dye(s) of choice to create a Firework Star. Dyes do not combine to make on color but each color will be used in the sparkles.
  2. A fade effect can be created by combining the Firework Star with other Dye colors. The sparkles will fade out to the Dyes used.
  3. Combine the Firework Star with Paper and Gundpowder to create a firework.

You can add more gunpowder to step 3 to make the flight duration longer. Flight duration goes from level 1 at one second to level 3 for three seconds.

You can also add multiple Firework Stars to step 3 to create different colored explosions and effect from the same rocket. You could, for example, use seven Firework Stars with one Paper and one Gunpowder or create different combinations with the Gunpowder to create longer flight times.

If you want to add special effects to Fireworks, add these items when crafting the Firework Star to get the resulting effect.

  • Gold Nugget = Star Shape
  • Diamond = Trail
  • Glowstone Dust = Twinkle
  • Fire Charge = Big Ball
  • Feathers = Burst
  • Any Mob Head = Creeper Face

Once your firework is crafted, you can simply equip it and place it on the ground by right-clicking and watch it take off. You can also automate the process by using Dispensers and Red Stone to fire off multiple rockets at timed intervals.

One YouTube user named "docm77" posted a good example of how to make a Creeper Firework explosion that you can check out in our video gallery.

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Via: Minecraft Reddit,, YouTube


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