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‘Minecraft’ fans can pick up the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy, skin pack today

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Lining up the launch of the newest DLC for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition to coincide with the theatrical release of the film that the add-on is inspired by, gamers will be able to purchase the Guardians of the Galaxy skin pack starting today. After first announcing the DLC earlier this week, the official website for Xbox Live Arcade confirmed on July 31 that the licensed add-on will become available to Xbox 360 owners for $1.99 starting on Friday.

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Like other Marvel themed content that has come to the Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft in the past, the Guardians of the Galaxy skin pack will introduce 24 new avatar options for fans to play as inside the popular sandbox creation game. The new skins that represent characters from the new feature film as well as additional characters from the Marvel Comics universe that won’t e appearing in the movie.

In addition to the five central members of the Guardians of the Galaxy themselves, the new DLC will include skins based upon the villains of the film such as Ronan the Accuser, The Collector, and Thanos. Fans of the comic series will also recognize new Minecraft avatars that are inspired by Nova, Quasar, and Adam Warlock among others.

Despite the fact that 4J Studios’ console ports of Minecraft is also now available on the Playstation 3, all of the officially licensed Marvel add-ons have remained Xbox exclusive to date. This will also be true for the new Guardians of the Galaxy skin pack which is only releasing today for the Xbox 360. Later this month, the DLC is also expected to launch on the Xbox One when the new-gen versions of the game are finally released.

The Guardians of the Galaxy skin pack is now available for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition for $1.99. The new Marvel movie that is based on the same property is also in theaters now.