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‘Minecraft’ dev works to fix in-game lag caused by TU14

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After a long wait, 4J Studios have now released Title Update 14 for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. However, while the developer hoped to keep the patch bug-free at launch, users are finding issues that are now being encountered within the game as a result of TU14. The developer confirmed March 26 that they are now working to fix the lag that players experience while attempting to dig downwards. Additionally, 4J Studios is asking players to report any other bugs that they might discover while playing.

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An official list of known Title Update 14 bugs further explained that the issue in question occurs when players dig directly beneath themselves while holding the right trigger button. Other issues include animation problems, such as when mining or riding a pig, and specific blocks cannot be properly placed in the world at this time.

Now that the update has finally launched, 4J Studios now plans to address the various bugs. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition is out now as a digital download via Xbox Live Arcade. The game is also available in stores after a physical retail disc release launched last summer. Fans can download TU14 for free now to experience all of the update’s new features such as Adventure Mode.

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