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‘Minecraft’ dev reveals that horses will eventually ride onto home consoles

Photo courtesy of 4J Studios, used with permission

Always several updates behind the original PC version of Minecraft, 4J Studios’ console ports of the popular title slowly receive much of the content additions that are first introduced to PC players over time. The developer confirmed to fans on June 23 that one such major feature that can currently only be found on the PC version of the game, which is the addition of horses, heading to Sony and Microsoft platforms.

4J Studios announced that horses, along with the ability to ride them, will be releasing on home consoles in a future title update. The developer didn’t specify exactly what systems the equestrian features will be available for but it is assumed that the content will be released on the current Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Minecraft as well as the upcoming new-gen versions of the game which will launch later this summer on the Xbox One and PS4.

Mounted horses will be a welcome addition for fans of the console editions of Minecraft, as a new method to speedily explore the game world. This will be particularly true for the new Xbox One and PS4 editions of the game as they will support worlds that are 36 time larger than what can be found on their last-gen counterparts. That makes a lot more ground to have to cover.

Recent title updates for Minecraft on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions have added NPC villages complete with trading and item enchantment systems. Along with the console release of Adventure Mode for the block-based title, fans are able to undertake numerous quests. This setup will become less time-consuming with the upcoming introduction of horses to home console players.

Minecraft is out now on both Xbox 360 and the PS3. After already being a successful PC title, the game first landed on consoles two years ago with the launch of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. Late last year, 4J Studios also finally released the game on the Playstation 3. Joining the expanding list of platforms that the sandbox creation title can be found on, the developer is currently working on new versions of the game for the Xbox One, PS4 and PS Vita that will become available in August.