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‘Minecraft’ dev has money set aside to create more content for the next decade

Photo courtesy of 4J Studios, used with permission

Fans don’t have to worry about Minecraft going away anytime soon. Between the original PC version of the game and 4J Studios console ports of the block-building title; Mojang now has money reserved to continue supporting the game for years to come. Minecraft creator Markus Persson recently revealed that the developer has enough cash set aside to fund all future Minecraft projects for the next 10 years according to a report by Gamespot on May 9.

Furthermore, that figure assumes that Mojang doesn’t continue to make money off the franchise. Persson confirmed that the money they have earmarked for Minecraft will fuel the series for another decade under the assumption that they suddenly somehow stop making money off of the game. The Minecraft creator pointed out that that is a unlikely scenario as the sandbox creation title continues to grow in sales, especially as the game becomes available on a growing list of platforms. The most recent figures show that Minecraft has now sold over 50 million copies across all systems.

Expected to boost Minecraft sales to even greater heights, 4J Studios is also currently working on launching the game on the new generation of consoles. In addition to releasing on Xbox One and Playstation 4 later this year, a handheld version of Minecraft is also in development for Sony’s PS Vita. Further increasing sales, the PS3 edition of the game is also receiving a physical retail disc release later this month which will make the game available on store shelves.

All of these upcoming expansions to new platforms, along with the continued support of all existing versions of Minecraft through new content updates, hint that the series will continue to earn an increasing amount of revenue. This will see Minecraft last far longer than the 10 years that it would be supported assuming it were to stop being profitable today.