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‘Minecraft’ dev compares Xbox One and PS4 visuals to last-gen

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
Photo courtesy of 4J Studios, used with permission

Offering fans a look at the visual improvements thy can expect from the upcoming Xbox One and Playstation 4 editions of Minecraft, 4J Studios provided a first look at the game’s improved view distance thanks to the increased specs of the new generation of consoles. Posting a series of comparison screenshots via their official Twitter account, the developer revealed on May 15 what advantages the next-gen versions of the popular sandbox title will hold.

Minecraft: PS4 Edition
Photo courtesy of 4J Studios, used with permission

By comparing images of the same scene from Minecraft running on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One, the most instantly noticeable improvement is that the new console features vastly improved view distances. The last-gen screen fades to fog far earlier than its Xbox One counterpart which can not only render further away but also features subtle atmospheric fading the further from into the distance that objects become.

4J Studios also provided another example from the PS3 and Playstation 4 which revealed similar results. After these early comparisons, it is now clear that the developer is actually working to create a superior Minecraft experience on Xbox One and PS4 rather than simply releasing a straight forward port of the last-gen titles.

Fans will also be able to import their current world saves from the existing console editions of Minecraft so that they can continue to play in the same world on the new consoles. As would be expected, the transfers only work between the same console family. That means that an Xbox 360 save can only be imported to Xbox One and not PS4.

Minecraft is now ready to download on Xbox Live Arcade and the PS Store. As of now, both versions also have a retail disc release after Minecraft: PS3 Edition received a physical launch today. Minecraft has sold over 50 million units across all current platforms. With the game heading to the new generation of consoles, those numbers are expected to continue to climb.