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‘Minecraft’ climbs back to the top of UK Xbox Live charts thanks to TU14

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The release of Title Update 14 this past week has boosted Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition to the number one title on Xbox Live Arcade’s UK charts. According to a report by MCV on March 28, the sandbox creation game earned the top spot on the UK Xbox Live charts for the seventh time this year.

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Many Minecraft fans have been anxiously awaiting the launch of TU14, and the release of the game’s latest update on Wednesday caused the influx of both new and returning players which shot Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition to the top of the charts.

Title Update 14 fixed in-game bugs as well as introduced new content to the console version of Minecraft. Perhaps the biggest new feature was the ability to play in Adventure Mode which gives fans a new way to experience the game. The new mode focuses more on role-playing elements such as completing quests and finding treasure instead of the Minecraft’s usual focus on building. To accompany this new style of play, TU14 also features NPC merchants, enchanting, and the ability to dye armors.

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition is available now as a digital-download via Xbox Live Arcade. Gamers can also find the title on store shelves after the game received a physical retail disc release in the summer of 2013. Now that Title Update 14 has been released, developer 4J Studios has returned their focus on to releasing next-gen versions of Minecraft on Xbox One and PS4.

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